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ask you about taxes. you were part of a bipartisan group that discussed taxes. camp came out with a plan this week. -- withwith unlimited limited enthusiasm. governor o'connell said we will not be able to finish the job. baker boehner said it is the --inning of the conversation speaker boehner said it is the beginning of the conversation ,fter saying "blah, blah blah." this tax reform dead for the year? >> yes. >> that is a quick answer. >> he is a tremendous amount of work. he leads in the chairmanship. i was at the first meeting. we were trying to reenact what happened years ago when we met him at an irish pub with max office and david kamp and others to begin talking -- max baucus and david kamp and others to begin talking. i think he has done something good by laying out what he believes with republicans and the democrats, what she thinks tax reform might well look like. i think in no way will it be dealt with this year. i think no thing important will be dealt with this year other than i am actually believing there is more than a murder of hope that we are linked to addr
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1

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